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A Public Rangeland Almanac
This page was last updated on January 06, 2009 .

A Public Rangeland Almanac is an assemblage of natural resource and environmental links, tools, news, and views for improving the ecological conditions of public rangeland ecosystems. It is the sole property of Larry Walker.

The report is in:
Cattle are the biggest source of global warming, producing more greenhouse gases than cars!
Get them off OUR public lands!

About RangeBiome
The key words are PUBLIC and RANGELANDS.
The objectives are ENVIRONMENTAL

The center of the world is Post, Oregon - at least as far as RangeBiome is concerned. The story is that a post was placed to mark the geographic center of Oregon, and that is how the little community of Post, Oregon got its name. Over time the content has branched out in many directions, but A Public Rangeland Almanac is a "made in Oregon" product.

Who am I? My name is Larry Walker and I was formerly a range conservationist with the Bureau of Land Management. I retired with just under 31 years of federal service on February 1, 1997. For the last 19+ years of that service, my duty station was BLM's Oregon/Washington State Office in Portland, Oregon. Before that, I worked in BLM's Prineville Oregon District after having worked in BLM's Medford Oregon District.

What is the purpose of A Public Rangeland Almanac? (1) To make some tools available to rangeland activists and managers; (2) To make those tools also available to the interested public; (3) To advocate for improved ecological conditions on public rangelands.